Construction works

There will be two weekend closures south of the Guyhirn roundabout in January for resurfacing and road repairs. These will be from 8pm on Friday 14 to 6am Monday 17 January, and for the same times from Friday 21 to Monday 24 January. Northbound traffic will be diverted to take the A605 westbound through Whittlesey towards Peterborough, then take the A1139 and the A15 north to pass Peterborough, and then the A47 eastbound through Thorney to reach the Guyhirn roundabout. Southbound traffic will follow this diversion route in reverse. If you are a resident and need access to and from your property, please speak to the operative at the closure point and they will escort you to your home.


We started our construction work in February 2021 and aim to finish in April 2022. During construction, our aim is to provide a safe environment for all those working on or travelling through our roadwork. We’ll also try keep delays to a minimum and keep you informed about our work.

Narrow lanes

To keep traffic moving, we’ll keep all the traffic lanes on the road open but reduce the width of the lanes. This means we can minimise disruption to motorists.

Speed limit

We’ll put a temporary 30mph speed limit in place through the roadwork for safety reasons.

Temporary roundabouts

We will install a temporary, smaller roundabout at Guyhirn junction. This will help keep traffic moving whilst we construct the larger improved roundabout. 

Lighting and noise

We will remove the existing streetlights and replace them with temporary lights during our construction works, then replace these with permanent low energy lights when we complete our work. At times, some of our work will be noisy. We will work closely with local communities who may be affected to manage this wherever possible, particularly around March Road. Towards the end of the project, we’ll build a permanent acoustic and light barrier at the south side of the roundabout adjacent to Old March Road. 


We have planned our construction times to ensure there will be no significant effects on the Nene Washes nature reserve and reed beds.

Public footpaths

We will keep public footpaths open for walkers and cyclists, although some slight changes to the existing routes will be necessary. We will communicate this information on signs by the roadside before we make any changes.

Working hours

To allow us to complete our work efficiently and limit disruption to traffic, we’ll be working during both daytime and night time from Mondays to Saturdays and occasionally on some Sundays. Our daytime work hours will be between 7.00am and 7.00pm. Our night time hours will be between 8.00pm and 6.00am when there is less traffic. 

Other works in the area

We will be working closely with parish councils and Cambridgeshire County Council to coordinate our construction work with their projects at Broadland Road and Elm High Street/A47 Wisbech to reduce any impact on journey times. Where possible, we intend to use shared signage with Cambridgeshire County Council to help people on their journey. We will also share information with our stakeholders, bus companies and hauliers as the project develops.

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